6.5 ? made from .276 Pedersen case


Here’s one that I have not positively identified. Other than the diameter and height of the shoulder, its pretty close to a 6.5 Carcano, and I suspect it would chamber and fire in the Carcano very well. The choice of cases seems a bit odd, but I guess you use what you have at hand.

bullet - .261"
neck - .287"
shoulder - .390"
base - .449"
rim - .448
case length 2.035"

A standard .276 Pedersen (FB-9892) is on the right in the picture.


More likely to be a 6,5x54 Mannlicher Schoenauer, for use in a pre-WW II MS M1903 Sporter.

.276 cartridges came on sale (thru DCM) after WW II, and I have an “American Rifleman” from 1947 or 48 article on building a hunting rifle in .276 Ped, to use up all this excellent surplus ammo. Others obviously saw the close connection in dimensions, with the 6,5x54MS ( the metric designation of the .276 is the 7x53), and so resized the cases to 6,5MS, with excellent results…some other enthusiasts also made Bolt actions using the .276 as a long range target cartridge (using a Springfield 03 or a commercial bolt action (Win 54 or Rem 30). Barrels and Chambering reamers for .276 were also offered up to the mid 1950s…until all the ammo dried up and was shot away, dismantled, or otherwise used up.

The cartidge in the Picture looks like a dismantled case, resized, as the Crimped Primer looks original GI.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Accuracy would have been poor if intended for a carcano rifle , whose original barrel is intended for .267 - .268" diam. bullets

I’d say that the fired case would be quite different that the loaded one,since shoulder would fireform to .430" diam


Guy: The cartridge as pictured is probably a Pedersen case which has been run through a 6.5 m/m Schoenauer resizing die but not fired. As Pivi noted firing this round in a proper Schoenauer chamber will straighten out the case body and enlarge the shoulder diameter. Jack


Thanks all. For some reason, I never considered the 6.5 MS.