6.5 mm Beaumont-Mauser

I have bringed this old post back to life because I’ve found a drawing which confirms the identification as a 6.5 x 54 R Beaumont-Mauser. It was experimented by the Chilean rifle commision on November 1892.


I was thinking that there may be a connection between this and the Daudeteau used in M71 Mausers, but the shoulder angles are way different. Never mind!

There is a link between this cartridge and the 6.5mm Daudeateau but it is not what you think. The (Chatellerault) document that Fede refers to, shows six cartridges that were used in the Chilian trials:
7.65x54 necked to 7mm (= 7mm Kortnek ?)
6.5x54R Beaumont & Mauser
6.5x54R Mannlicher
6.5x54 Marga , and the
6.5x51SR Daudeteau

This document was shown in the RSA CCA #218 of 2006.