6.5 mm japanese arisaka


Hello all,
Another unknown. It has no headstamp but the primer has 3 short rectangle indentations at 12, 4, and 8 o’clock. Again my measurements are crude and are as close as I could make them. They are the best estimate.
Bullet Dia. 6.5 mm
Case Length 51mm
OAL 77mm
Rim 11.5mm

Next to a 30-06 ( on left)

Any ideas?




This seems to match up:



Thank you very much!


I don’t know if it is your camera work, but those primer crimps look odd to me. I’m going to look very close at the ones in my collection. Nice pics.


John C.- I haven’t been into collecting ammo for very long but I have never seen anything like them before. Almost looks like a rimfire hit it a couple times. Also looks like a lot of force to seat a primer.
The camera I’m currently forced to use is a very cheap creative webcam with manual focus adjustment. 640x480 resolution. Takes a while to get light and every thing set up.


I have 10 or so 6.5 Arisakas with a 3 stake crimp, but only one like yours. It is rather distinctive. It is interesting, but not sure if it has any significance. Late war, perhaps?