6,5 mm SDG:italian wildcat

I would like to show you one of the few italian wildcats.It is called 6,5 mm SDG and is made from the 6,5 x 68 mm case by fireforming.
Very few rifles were chambered for this cartridge.It does exist also a very similar wildcat called .277 GS ( Giani Sabatti),that is simply a 6,5 mm SDG necked up to accept .277" bullets.

From left: 6,5 x 58 case and 6,5 mm SDG


Interesting. I have several non-USA wildcats in my collection but not that one. Where can I get one?

There is a very similar wildcat from Australia called the 7mm JACKO, made by necking down the 8x68S case.

Here in the US, several shooters have taken the 8 x 68S case and necked it to 30 caliber creating the 30 Boo Boo, a 1000 yard Benchrest cartridge. I have not seen one but I seem to remember one shooter telling me that the Boo Boo has been necked down to 6.5mm creating what would be the equivalent of the 6.5 SDG. There are several very good 6.5mm match bullets available and many long range shooters are using the 6.5 caliber.

RWS brass in 6.5x68 and 8x68 is difficult to get here in the US, and is very expensive, so some shooters have taken 300 Winchester Magnum brass and removed the belt, then necking it to different calibers. It results in a poor-man’s RWS case. The dimensions are a little different, but not much.

It’s good to see that wildcatting is alive and well all around the globe.

Thanks for sharing.


since in Italy 1000 yards bench rest competitions are almost non existent,the 6,5 mm is chambered in hunting rifles only.The 277 GS is still avaiable as standard chambering through MAG armi by Vittorio Giani.
I have to check my duplicates,if I have another 6,5 mm SDG I could send it to you if there’s no problem with US import laws