6.5 or 7.62 dummy

This a chromed non-magnetic case with a turned green aluminium projectile.
A shallow primer pocket has no flash hole. It has a segmented 7 0 027 hs and 2 deep cannelures part way up the case
In fact it looks like the other Swedish dummies around… except…
The cartridge has a double shoulder so that the case chambers in either a 7.62x51mm or a 6.5x55 chambered rifle. Is this a common round and are there any other similarly designed dummies?

Image Improved Courtesy Ron Merchant

Have you actually chambered this round in a 6.5mm Swedish Mauser, and a 7.62 x 51m/m rifle of some sort? I have had lots of these “laddblindpatroner” in all four calibers go thru my hands, and have never seen a double shoulder one. I currently have a full-clip of 6.5mm with headstamp as you describe, except mine are a “69” date, and they do not have it. The 1977 Issue of "“Soldatinstruktion Material,” a sort of a Swedish “Soldier’s guide” and the earliest issue I have AFTER 1970, shows the dummy rounds in drawings (only the 6.5 and the 9mm Para) and neither the text nor the drawing mentions it. It shows two distinct model numbers for the dummies of rifle caliber - 6.5mm m/41 and 7.62 mm 10 (a departure from the normal year-model designation), as well as the pistol ones 9mm m/07B (9mm Browning Long) and 9mm m/39B (9mm Parabellum).

The dummy shown seems somewhat scratched up - I wonder if some individual ran it thru a die to make it fit his own rifle. Of course, they get scratched up in use as well. The 6.5mm Dummies were recently surplused out and sold by the box-full in the United States.

Let’s hope one of our Scandinavian members can confirm or deny this particular variation.

I just thought of another source for information on this ammunition (actually, the Swedish Army obviously didn’t consider dummy cartridges to be “ammunition” as the Laddblindpatroner are not covered at all in their ammunition guide “Ammunitionsregister”).

The book “CROWN JEWELS, The Mauser in Sweden, A Century of Accuracy and Precision,” by Dana Jones and published in 2003 by Collector Grade Publications of Canada, is one of the few gun books with a really good ammunition section. The whole book is a fabulous study of the 6.5 x 55mm Mauser rifles from Sweden.

However, while it covers the dummy cartridges well, it does not show this double-shoulder dummy, again putting the originality of its form in doubt.