6,5 Parraviccino Carcano Modele 1891 by SFM (Leon Beaux)

Here a full box of SFM distributed Carcano rounds.
I say, distributed, as the maker of the ammo was obvious LBC M, as the ammo is so headstamped.
Bullet shape, in my opinion a little bit different from the italian military Issue.

so, 2 questions

  1. is the name on the box not misspelled? I knew, as co-developper of the Carcano Rifle .Col. G. Parravicino, with ONE C, but on the box is it written with 2 R and 2 C…which one is right?
  2. who the hek would have bought commercial produced Carcano ammo at that timeframe?

As their is no date on the headstamp, I cannot think, that should be military ammo…
But for which clients the where made??

As SFM was co-owner of LBC, the Factory LBC has just made them for SFM, or??

Thx for your opinion…
Here the pics

Bulletshape not as rounded, as on military ones…
Here the Box and headstamp:
6,5 carcano headstamp by SFM distribution-made by LBC M ammo sidewards-bullet looks different



Hi Peter, very nice box and cartridge, thanks for sharing.

In mi opinion it was made by SFM for Léon Beaux. There is a series of drawings under number 7210 dealing with this contract dated 1910. The SFM variant dates from 1909 and uses a flat base, among others differences.

This bullet type is also specific of this order:

Regarding the name, it is misspeled in the drawings as well, but as you said, correct spelling is “Parravicino” with a single “c”.




Fede the drawing is Italian, it says “sezione” and not “section”.

Hi Carlo, this is a French drawing by SFM, but it is a textual copy of the Italian drawing sent by Beaux.



Yes Fede
this is a French copy of an Italian drawing as it says on the drawing
this is a French drawing

and anyway we’re talking about the same company, Léon Beaux was 100% SFM capital.