6.5 question

I was at our local gunshop last night and the owner asked me to find out something for him.

I don’t know the story behind this, but it appears someone has a gun and is looking for ammo for it… and the question is

Is 6.5 Remington Spcl the same as 6.5 Reimington magnum?

I was giving this question at the close time so I didn’t get whether the person who owned the gun had one of these and can’t find them anymore and wants more ammo… I know both would be 120 gr. psp that they are comparing.

Of course the “job” was given to me to research… and I know if anyone knows, it’s in this forum.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

“Cartridges of the World”, 7th edition lists a 6.5 Rem. Mag. but makes no mention of a 6.5 Rem Spl.

Factory loads were 100gr. and 120 gr. projectiles. The ammunition was discontnued back in the 1970’s, so I expect it’s availability to be limited.


Thank you… I had trouble finding anything 6.5 rem spcl … my husband thinks the worker at the gunshop got confused looking for the ammo and spotted 6.8 rem spc and thought 6.5 remington special.

I’ll have to call the owner up tomorrow and get more info. Perhaps it is the 6.5 Rem Magnum they are looking for and can’t find it through his distributors.

I’ve had a look through the ECRA database viewer which holds details of nearly 10,000 calibers and I can’t find 6.5mm Remington Special.

I appreciate that. Definately has to be some mis-reading on the part of the gun shop employee… He wrote the question out for me so it’s not my memory of what he said…

Went back to the gunshop… found out the problem… the distributor’s book listed a 6.5 Remington special… when we talked to the owner and started talking the Remington order #, he took out another book and looked up the # for the 6.5 Remington mag and sure enough they matched… just a mis-print in the book… we found a few more on the same page!