6.5 Romanian Rifle clip

This is a steel clip that holds 5 rounds marked on the bottom is GH in a circle, could someone please tell me who the manufacturer is. Thanks Randy


May be a badly stamped or rusted “GR” Georg Roth, Austria, the major supplier of Romanian 6,5 ammo before WW I; although the “GR” Logo is usually a superposed G & R, sometimes it was spelled out separately.

Romania was initially neutral during WW I (1914,15,) but entered on the Allied side in early 1916, and was instantly over-run by the Germans in 1916…supplies already on order from the USA were re-directed to other Allied Countries (Locomotives to Italy from ALCO) and an order of 6,5x53R ammo from the US Cartridge Co was redirected to Holland. ( still neutral).
The Invasion of Romania was the first Motorised advance by a regular Army ever ( and also a first for WW I)…Trucks carried the majority of the troops into the Romanian Plain, and soon captured the major cities and strongpoints.
Although I have seen photos of the Tooling and Gauges Sets of the Romanian Contract 6,5 (Tillinghast Auctions, 1980s), I have never seen any examples of 6,5x53R with the USCCo headstamp, either out of Holland or elsewhere.

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Clips and chargers are not my speciality, I left that to Herb. However, I would have thought that Kynoch would want their own name on any clips sold with their ammunition. The other clips/chargers I have seen from Kynoch usually had either their name or initials on them. I have checked the British contract listings but here is no clip maker with the right initials.

In addition to the UsCCo. ammunition (which I have not seen either) there were also the contracts supplied from Britain from both Kings Norton and Birmingham Metals. The KN ammo was headstamped “KN 16 6.5mm” but the BMMCo. was unheadstamped. The British drawing for the clip shows manufacturers initials in the usual way.


The marking on the base of these ‘small aperture’ Roumanian clips is definitely ‘GH’ in a cartouche. I have no idea who ‘GH’ might of been. I’ve also seen his type of clip marked ‘DM’ and ‘PA’. Here is the object itself for your delectation.

Happy collecting, Peter

Tony E

Thanks to all who replied, my clip is in very good condition and the mark is exactly the same as in the photo as posted by Enfield 56 . Randy

  • @ DocAV: Romania remained neutral in 1914-15 but declared war to Central Powers [primarly Germany and Austria-Hungary] during the summer of 1916. The Romanian Army was NOT defeated completely in 1916 or 1917. Erwin Rommel [1891-1944] and Rudolf Hess [1894-1987] were both wounded in Romania during WW1 fighting the Romanian troops. => Romania was unable to manufacture enough ammunition in 1916-17 [including 6.5X53R cartridges] to satisfy completely the front demand. Liviu 04/08/09