6.5 Swedish dummy

A friend got this 6.5 Swedish dummy in a bag of odd rounds. Nothing else in there was anything of much interest.

Can anyone give me more information on this dummy? What was the factory that used “M”? Also, was it made in 1907 or later? Sorry about the poor photo. It was in a row of other cartridges.

Headstamp is: [# Indicates Crown]

[color=#FFFFFF]–[/color]\ # /
0 [color=#FFFFFF]------[/color]7
[color=#FFFFFF]–[/color]/ M \

Thanks for any info.

Well, according to the IAA Headstamp guide, a Swedish “M” marking should be Ammunitionsfabriken Marieberg, Stockholm, Sweden.

That’s a nice, early-style Swedish dummy in 6.5 x 55! The later ones were all nickeled had only two rings around the case. They are found in with both round nose and spitzer-profile bullets. The latest ones I have seen have the Spitzer bullet proile, with the case nickeled and with two grooves and the bullet anodized bright green, like the 9 mm,. 5.56 and 7.62 x 51 mm dummy rounds from Sweden.

There were smooth case versions of the the green-bullet dummy in 9 mm Para and 5.56, but am not sure about 7.62 x 51 or 6.5 x 55. In 9 mm Para, the variety of dummy types, never mind headstamps since they were made on salvage brass (rejects, etc.) from Sweden is staggering, especially when you consider they have been a neutral country for at least 100 years and have a “citizen” Army, rather than a large professional standing Army.

The 9 mm versions of the dummy rounds can be found in a wide variety of headstamps, including foreign ones, such as the Swedish-contract B DWM B 480C from c.1939 (headstamp NOT exclusive to that contract, of course) as well as Sako and Valtion cases from Finland.

The designation for this round is 6.5mm Blind Patron m/94.

Thanks for the replies.