6.5 x 27 Ronezewsky rimmed or rimless

Should I expect the box pictured here to contain rimmed or rimless cartridges. I’m hoping rimless, as the label does not indicate 6.5 x 27R, or include ‘mit rand’. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the box, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me. I apologize for the tiny little picture, but that’s all that’s available now. The maker is RWS (formerly H. Utendoerffer); for “Scheibenp. 1912” (Target pistol Mod 1912). The headstamp is apparently H. Utendorffer Nurmberg

As far as I know exists the rimmed ronezewsky only.There’s no trace of the rimless version on the Brandt or Barnes’s books.
I have seen the cartridge listed in many cartride collectors’ lists as 6,5 mm Ronezewsky,no 6,5 mm rimmed or 6,5 mm rimless

Brandt lists “6,5 x 27 P.” as a synonym of the pictured 6,5 mm Ronezewsky cartridge that is rimmed

Buttweiler sold three or four rimless versions of this cartridge. Also, he sold a box that was marked ‘mit rand’. Would there be any reason to mark it that way if there was only the rimmed version?

I suspect you are correct regarding the cartridges in this box being rimmed, since they are designated on the box as 6,5 x 27P. I wonder if the cartridge that Brandt lists as 6,5 x 27mm (33B) is the cartridge that Buttweiler was selling as the rimless Ronezewsky? Brandt states that it is ‘just like the Ronezewsky cartridge’, yet he does not include any mention of Ronezewsky in the synonyms.

I have seen the rimless 6,5 x 27 in the Brandt’s book and its dimensions are identical to those of the Ronezewsky one but the rim diameter.So it can be considered as the rimless version of the latter altough there’s no link with the “ronezewsky” name

Guy - cartridges from packets like yours are confirmed as 6.5x27R with "H.UTENDOERFFER N

so the unnamed 6,5 x 27 rimless cartridge would be a variation of the 6,5 x 27R Ronezewsky.Am I right?

Pivi - You are right, it is the rimless version of the 6.5x27R and the catalogs just refer to it as 6.5x27 P Tesching. This was apparently only produced in a small quantity by RWS/Utendoerffer. It was shown in RWS catalogs from their c1900 and 1912 catalogs but no longer listed after WW1.

This was one of the few rimless cartridges in the c1900 RWS/Utendoerffer catalog. It was originally used in light single shot and combination rifles and according to Erlmeier & Brandt it was later also used in Target Pistols.

Anyone know where there is a picture of the Ronezewsky target pistol that shot this cartridge? A google search has proven unsuccessful in finding one.