6.5 x 52R BSnp

After finding the 22Hp Czechoslovakia packets
this packet jumped out at me at the show over the weekend
missing 1 round but the price was right
Can those very knowledgeable gents here tell me what manufacture
period these would be
also what is the best way to treat & prevent further deterioration of the lead tips
Many thanks

S&B used the SBP hs with “Neroxin” symbol(s) on cartridge hs from c1936 and continued to using “SBP” until 1983 when the “S&B” hs replaced it (still used the Neroxin symbol). However in this instance even though SBP did produce 6.5x52R prior to WW2 this the unusual (dual-caliber) hs shown is likely produced from c1954-1983.

Note that S&B had their anti-corrosive primer “NEROXIN” brandname, “NR” and associated symbol patented in 1933 but didn’t replace the stars in SBP hs until c1936. The symbol represents an arrow pointing at the muzzle of a barrel indicating the “clean” rifling inside. The use of primer is either indicated by the use of the symbol or a >NR< monogram.

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Thanks for that info

This round also known as the 25-35 had at on point caused me severe problems shortly
after I entered this country and knew zilch about firearms and what was connected with
it.A friend of mine was given as we found out later a beutifull SAUER BUECHSFLINTE
by A Canadian Officer Veteran wich he took of a pile of guns wich were to be run over
by a Tank.in the German Oldenburg Aerea.However later in live and here in Canada
those 2 man almost became friends.Needless to say I own this magnificent piece of
machinery today.As things were 2 rounds remained in the boot of the butt.However
no body could decipher what 6,2by 52R was,until I got it.The cartridge shown is one
of the 2 out of the boot.The Gun is on the small side and seems to be a Ladys weapon.
and most likely was taken from one of the Aristocratic estates prevalent to some of those
parts.The blank I obtained recently and I am sure is an item not easely obtained in that
cal.in particular with an DWM number.

Sheryl, I expect you realise this already but that DWM #545 Dummy case is a 22 Savage HP not a 25-35 WCF (which is DWM #519). That DWM “H H” date code (1938) I have not seen on the 6.5x52R which typically uses the tri-section hs format in the 1930’s - ie caliber and case code - not just a case code.

What do you know,yes of course you are right,I automaticly assumed the dummy has a different
DWM number,I guess I did not register in time that both catridges have the same metric number
sorry about that

For dating it would be helpful to know the span of years the company was named “Blanicke Strojirni nardini podnik” (B S n.p.). I cannot look it up at this moment.

That is good advice Jochem.

According to my records:

1945 : “Zbrojovka Brno, Zavod Vlasim” (Brno Arms Works in Vlasim).
1949 : “Zbrojovka Vlasim, narodi podnik” (separated from Brno).
1953 : “Blanicke strojimy, narodi podnik, Vlasim”
1981: Name change to “ZVS – Blanicke strojirny, SELLIER & BELLOT koncernovy podnik Vlasim” (General Engineering Works-- Blanik’s Machine Works, SELLIER & BELLOT Vlasim Branch".

So c1953-1981 which is close to my estimate above based on HS style and box format.

Thanks Gentlemen thats great info