6.5 x 53.5R mm Dutch Mannlicher clip – Australian made?


6.5 x 53.5R mm Netherlands Mannlicher – Australian manufactured clip?

This clip is made for the Dutch version of the 6.5 x 53.5R mm cartridge. It differs from the standard Dutch M’95 clips in that it has solid sidewalls. There are no markings on the clip.

The late Herb Woodend identified this clip as Australian made, can anyone confirm or refute that please. I have been told that these were made when the original clips were in short supply in Australia and were used in hunting rifles, possibly for Kangaroo culling.

Having no side apertures must have made pressing it to shape a bit more difficult. The M’95 starts with a straight lower edge to each aperture when cut out of the flat steel sheet. The lower edge of the aperture takes a curve when the base of the clip is pressed to shape.