6.5 x 53 R Mannlicher - Hotchkiss headstamp


This picture belongs to a 6.5 x 53 R Mannlicher loaded with a soft point cupro-nickel jacketed bullet. Logo at 12 is undoubtedly the one used by firm Hotchkiss et Cie of Saint Denis, France. It has two mirrored B’s with an H in the middle (Benjamin Berkeley Hotchkiss). Same logo (without diamond) is found in some 13.2 x 99 mm Hotchkiss cartridges made for Rumania. I’m assuming that the rest of the letters refer to SFM.

Does anybody have any information about this contract? Was it made for a Hotchkiss machine gun test? Any relation with Rumania?

Kynoch made 13.2 x 99 mm Hotchkisss:


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Your cartridge case is belonging to a Hotchkiss/SFM contract for Rumania in 1909, but your bullet is not correct, it should be a full metal jacket. The soft cupro-nickel point jacketed bullet is one of the numerous versions of short range ( de stand) cartridges, with no relation with Hotchkiss
Note that this hstp was used on other calibers, including a 7 mm spanish Mauser at the same period for a south american country


Phil, that’s an answer!!! Thank you very much.


I just love the looks of both the headstamps and the box, very pleasing to my eye.


Here is another Hotchkiss headstamp as well but by FN, Belgium.