6.5 X 53R headstamp

  • There is a 6.5mm Mannlicher rimmed cartridge [6.5X53R] with brass case which has a segmented headstamp with these markings: “1908” [at 12 o’clock], “M” [at 9 o’clock], “93” [at 3 o’clock] and “K & C.” [at 6 o’clock]. —> Anyone who knows the meaning of the mark “K & C.”??? This particular 6.5X53R cartridge was made for Romania for the 6.5mm Mannlicher M1892 & M1893 bolt-action rifles. Could this round be made in Austria??? Thanks in advance for any help, Liviu 10/24/07

Keller & Company (I think), Austria.

“K & C” is the headstamp of Keller & Company of austria. Jon was absolutely correct.

  • Thank you both. Liviu 10/25/07