6.5 x 54 Mannlicher? dummy


This 6.5 x 54mm dummy has made it to the top of a box of mixed military cartridges I have been making my way through off and on for some time now. Rather than a primer, it has a rubbery material in the primer pocket. The bullet is loose enough to be removed, revealing that it is filled with sand.

Measurements are:
bullet .260"
neck .294"
shoulder .425"
base .449"
rim .449"
case length 2.102"
overall length 2.7585

I believe this is a 6.5 x 53.5 Greek Mannlicher Schoenauer, but it was developed around 1900, the 1898 date seems a little early. Any input would be appreciated.


Guy, as is well known, the 6.5x54MS was the first of a series of four Mannlicher-Schoenauer cartridges. Normally this cartridge is considered a military calibre, as it was used in the M1903 6.5mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifle, adopted by Greece in 1903 and used till 1940.

However, sporting use of this cartridge appears to have preceeded military use as this case was originally developed by G.Roth as case #632 which was c1898 and Roth 1898 dated hs exist. It was shown in the Sporting cartridge section of the 1899 Roth catalog as “for Mannlicher-Schoenauer Repeating rifle calibre 6.5m/m”. Its first known use was in a M1900 Sporting rifle which is well before it was adopted by Greece.