6.5 X 54mm M-S with "R" Headstamp

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See illustration…Maker ??


Randy, it was made by CIL for T. Eaton & Co. of Toronto, Canada. Regards, Fede.

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Fede and others…

Time period of manufacture ??..And, what does the “R” represent ??


Dominion made for the Eatons Department Stores here in Canada (They closed in 1990) but ammo was all made in the 1930’s. They wanted to use E but was too easily confused with Eley. Unsure why they chose R.

The Dominion CC produced c1929-1930 for T Eaton contracts of 44-40, 30-30 WCF, 303 British and 6.5x54MS (A89). At least three lots of 6.5MS were produced as indicated with the existance of “R 6.5 M-M”, “C 6.5 M-M” and just plain “6.5 M-M” hs. This was in the late 1920’s-1930 period when Dominion had become CIL.

According to RSACCA bulletin #206, the letters were date codes:

R = 20 May 1929
C = 11 July 1930

These were evidently intended to be used in converted 6.5x52 Mannnlicher-Carcano (MIS2) rifles (see images from the RSACCA bulletin #206).

Here are two excerpts listing this cartridge taken from the T. Eaton catalogs published in 1935-36 and 1939-40, respectively.



Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifles were as widely used in Canada in the 1920s & 30s as they were anywhere. I made two extensive trips in eastern BC and the Yukon in 1993 and saw 4 still in use, three 6.5s and a 9.5.