6.5 x 55 mark II

I just bought a 6.5 x 55 Swede Mauser and have a chance to get a set of dies my grandpa had that has 6.5 x 55 mark II on them. Are they the same?

That rings a distant bell in my memory. I seem to recall hearing Scandinavian shooting enthusiasts discussing the fact that there is more than one spec for the military 6.5 x 55, but my memory won’t provide details.

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Are there factory markings on the dies, or is it a label, Sharpie, etc.?
If it’s written on by him or someone else, maybe the dies were used to reload for a model Mark II rifle, and used to indicate the rifle the dies were set up for. Just a thought…

As for a model of the 6,5x55 called “Mk II” I have never once heard of it.
KJ, “Swedish”, SCAN, etc, yes, but never “Mk II”.


There were two different loadings of the M94 Swedish cartridge…
The M1894 Heavy Round nose Projectile ? 156 grains?
And the M1941 Spitzer, 140 grain.
Also, there was some slight differences between the Norwegian Krag 6.5x55 Cartridge and the Swedish Mauser 6.5
Norway also used a heavy roundnose well into the 20th Century.
A search of GB Archives will reveal the historic differences.

Can’t be more specific…the info is out there… mostly in Swedish and

Doc AV

“Mark II” is a die model designation used by Herter’s and it is not 6.5x55 specific, since it applies to any caliber made by this company. They also made a “Mark I” and other models.



So what I’m reading that the mark II is a manufacture mark so they should be to go for reloading for my 6.5 x 55 Swede.
Thanks for all the info.
I think I will like this forum I’m starting a collection of older military rifles so I think this forum will be a great help to me