6.5 x 55 query

Standard looking round with hedastamp HA 48 V146 brass primer, round nose CN bullet, There is a TRIANGLE mark in the 10 oclock position , which I have not seen before, obviously added to the headstamp later, my guess is a reload mark, or is it something else? thanks Randy

Randy, I have two pieces of information about the “triangle” added to Danish ammo.

One is that it means ‘reloaded for Home Guard’. Another is that it meant ‘brass reworked to correct anvil’. I guess they could both be correct … ?

This ammo was produced in the late forties by HaerensArsenalet, Kobenhaven, for use with Borrowed Swedish M96 rifles being used by the newly constituted Danish Army post-war (even though they had large quantities of US and British equipment.)

The cartridges were made up according to the older M96 shooting tables, as the rifles lent were still sighted for the M94 RN ball.

It seems the cases, as made, had an imperfectly-formed Berdan anvil, and this had to be rectified before being loaded/re-loaded, as there initially was a high rate of misfires.

I don’t know whether the cases were reworked in production, or they were “re-manufactured” after having been assembled as complete ammo.

The other (subsequent) problem was that the Nickel-jacket Projectiles excessively Fouled the Bores of the rifles, casing excessive pressures, and some case failures(Blow backs). The problem was solved by returning the Swedish rifles to Sweden by the early 1950s, in the meantime using fresh Swedish made ammo as well.
The “V146” ammo was subsequently sold as surplus to Interarms in the late 1950s, where it found its way onto the US market, where it was instantly found to cause excessive bore fouling problems, with some dire results…by the 1970s, almost everybody knew to avoid using the ammo in any M96 or M38 Swedish Mauser rifles…the problem was especially bad in Ag42B semi-autos…

So, an interesting Collectors item; being the first (and possibly only) production of 6,5x55 by the HA of Denmark.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics

Is it common to find a round without the triangle? I have one without it.

Thanks to all who replied, Randy

According to a letter from H

Morten, have you seen any of these rounds with no Triangle?

Yes, I have seen several without the triangle. In fact, I believe that the non-triangle ones are much more common than those with a triangle.