6.5 x 55 Swedish

Have several military cartridges of this caliber that has a head stamp of V146 4 8 HA that has a triangle stamped over this printing at various places. Is it a reload with a different bullet then was orginally made? Just curious. Tom

Tom, to my knowledge, the triangle indicated the cartridge was loaded at a later date than the headstamp would indicate. Could possibly also indicate reload.

Far as I know a large quantum of this Danish lot/re-mfg.'d ammo made with this lot casing was imported to the US and sold on the civilian surplus market. I’ve heard about issues with oversized bullets causing overpressure in bolt action guns.

As for the name - I wish you’d call it 6,5x55 or 6,5x55 Mauser-Krag instead, it’s a Norwegian-Swedish cartridge ;-)


Actually these are cases which had their anvils reworked.

I have the same round and this triangle has puzzelt me for years
now recently I came across some info how factual it is I do not
know,but it is for you to deceide.
The triangle means-- Experimental case,using 3,7mm sheet brass
in casing

Thanks for the info Ole. You would think being from Minnesota I would have noticed that immediately. Everyone here in this state knows the difference between the Swedes and the Norski’s. I stand corrected. Tom

Am I in shadow mode?

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No, I saw your “anvil reworked” message a number of hours ago.

Ok, so what is the discussion about then?

What the triangle stamp meant.

some pics.
So the bottom two- these are cases which had their anvils reworked.
Are the top two with the wood bullets, blanks on reused case, identified by the dash?


Perhaps we have an information problem here!

Looking at 6.5 X 55 SE http://www.cartridgecollector.net/65-x-55-se



5mm%20Haerens 5%20Haerens%2C%202

V = Metal Supplier (strip mill, Nordisk Kabel og Trad (Nordic Cable and Wire))
I = Delivery number (From I-IV)
46 = Year of contract
O = The case was reloaded at A/S Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik Otterup
Triangle = The case was an experimental case using 3.7mm sheet brass in its casing."


This is an administrative branch of the Swedish military. The manufacturer codes are 24 – 27 as above

24 = Norrahammars Bruk, Norrahammar (cases only)

5%20AMF AMF%2C%202

Headstamp variations. The ‘circle’ (on the third specimen) means that it was reloaded at A/S Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik Otterup, and the asterisk (on the fifth specimen) means that it was reloaded at Haerens Laboratorium."

So which is correct concerning the added triangle in the headstamp:

A) Modified anvil?

B) Experimental case using 3.7mm sheet brass?



This was the answer to the question.


So the information presented by Daan on his webpage, as quoted below or in my post above, is not correct?



Thanks Brian. So the jury is still out on the triangle…
Daan also shows a DWM headstamp, under:
“DWM contract loadings for Sweden”, with a dash on the hs and a wood bullet, with:
“The 'dash” on the headstamp is for a factory reload."
Judging by the different headstamps with the dash, is it a Swedish reload, not DWM?

Let our Denmark experts comment on the details. Hope they will be around soon.

Does anyone have a primary source document identifying the triangle mark?

Won’t be back in the office till Monday to consult my notes.

Fede, this doc exists and this is why I hope our Denmark experts will show up here soon.

Re the Triangle marking:

White & Munhall stated that the Triangle: “Believed to Indicate repacked ammunition for Home Guard use.”

In my book I wrote "Triangle indicates “brass reworked to correct anvil” but cannot remember my reference for that. This does not contradict W&M statement.

As the triangle is found anyway on the base, it was obviously added later. I find it less likely that this “case was an experimental case using 3.7mm sheet brass”. Although it seems to be shown only on the “VI 46 4 HA 8” hs (??) which would support that it was a single lot (ie Experimental ?) but others with this hs don’t have the triangle.

All very confusing !

It is about the anvil and the doc for it exists.
As said, wait for the experts.