6,5 x 64 Brenneke

Could someone give me some historical note about this cartridge?
Is it a rare item?


AKA 6.5-270 and almost the same as the more common 6.5-06 reload…

Following paragraph borrowed from: shootersforum.com/showthread.htm?t=17507

You would think that the 6.5-06 was standardized as the 6.5x64 Brenneke for Europe, but apparently the 6.5x64 Brenneke was a modification of the 7x64 Brenneke which has just slightly different dimensions than a 280 rem but also a slightly smaller diameter case head. Those differences amount to
"a thousandth here and a thousandth there". The 6.5x64Brenneke has a 2.540" case length which technically makes it a 6.5-270 rather than a 6.5-06. The Brenneke also has a slightly thicker neck wall (0.292 as opposed to 0.288"). Diameter at shoulder, length from head to shoulder, and shoulder angle are all +/- 0.001".

This is also possibly the result of some minor tweaking which was done to achieve compliance with various minimum / maximum FPS hunting regulation requirements which some European countries have, and hence you end up with the oddball Brenneke loads, etc… So these aren’t terribly rare, but they are a fairly low-production cartridge compared to other more common hunting calibers, especially those in the U.S. It is basically exclusive to Europe.

I know the 6,5 -06 and the 6,5 -270 wildcats but since they are non existent in Italy I can’t compare them with my case.
I agree,the 6,5 x 64 brenneke is not the standardized version of a wildcat but the 7 x 64 Brenneke necked down.
There are a lot of examples with other american cartridges:for example the 257 roberts is almost identical to the 6,5 x 57 such as 6 mm remington is almost identical to the 6 x 57 mauser.
Since most shooters don’t know the most obscure european cartridges they sometimes create wildcats that are pratically identical in shape and performance to very old cartridges.