6.5mm Arisaka

As Japanese 6.5mm Arisaka are generally devoid of any markings is there any significance at all in the number and/or position of the primer stabs?

I believe the original Type 30 (round nose) and the very early Type 38 (spitzer) had no primer stabs, the later Type 38 had two and the improved Type 38 with the thickened bullet jacket had three. These seem to indicate sequential modifications to the round.

I have no documentary evidence for this but it is based on looking at many examples when I was writing my British Arisaka book and also helping Ken Elks with his Japanese ammo book.


Good morning Tony and thanks!

Why did the Japanese dislike headstamps on alot of their ammo?

Good question. Is it possible that they did not want to put anything at all associated with the Royal House so they would not be forced to pick up every single fired cartridge? Like they had to deface Arisakas before surrender.

I wouldn’t have thought they would put the Chrysanthemum on a headstamp anyway. Simply a character identifying the maker and the Japanese year would have been sufficient, but maybe they thought marking each individual cartridge was not worthwhile. The bunters have to be made, and not marking eliminates a step in the manufacture of the round.