6.5mm Bergmann N°3 M1894 with Lead bullet?


Found this cartridge with note ‘Very rare with lead bullet’. The exact same cartridge is in Ecra Caliber Data Viewer and i know of someone else who has one in his sale list.
Can this work in a self loading pistol ? Or could it have another purpose …

Picture from Ecra Caliber Data Viewer


Yes, it was intended for the Bergmann #3 pistol model 1894. In 1896 the pistol was improved and an extractor was added, so the cartridge was modified and an extractor groove was added…this became the 6.5 Bergmann #3 M96

Knothe listed two 6.5 mm M94 with lead bullet in his database. An unheadstamped one and a cartridge headstamped " 96 / x / K&C / x"

The same thing happened with the #1 & #2 pocket pistols chambered for the 5 mm Bergmann cartridge


I have an example over here. Also with lead bullet and no other markings.


Thanks for the reply.
Thought they were all with fmj bullets.
Cheers, Pascal