6.5mm Carcano Ball H/s query

I have a 6.5mm Carcano ball round with a headstamp:

X E.S C - 99

Can anyone tell me what the X means, who E.S are and if it is an unusual headstamp for this round.

Thanks in advance


The 6.5 carcano was first loaded with “Balistite” until ca 1897, when the new “Solenite” was used. The “X” was added to properly ID the powder inside the case.

The “X” mark was used until 1911 by Capua ( like your round) and until 1909 by Bologna

" E S" are the initials of the governor inspector that worked at Capua in thatperiod. His identity is unknown but these letters have been used from 1896 to 1911

I don’t think that 1897 to 1911 date carcano cartridges can be considered uncommon, at least in Italy


Thank you for your prompt and informative reply.