6,5mm Dutch Guard-Cartridge

I got a 6,5mm Dutch Mannlicher Guard-Cartridge. It is for the KNIL-Forces, the case is completely nickeled and it is called Scherpe Patroon No. 4.
The brass-supplier should be FN in the year 1922. (6- and 12-o-clock).
What is the meaning of the digits at 9 and 3 o-clock. Is it also the powder-lot and the date of the cartridge-production? If yes, does this match to the 1922-date?
Can somebody help and tell more about this headstamp?
How do the cartridge-boxes of this cartridge look like?



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Try this very useful site…

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Thank you very much for the fast response.
Especially DocAV´s thread from 2010 brought some light to the situation.
So it seems, that my cartridge was made of a case supplied by FN to the KNIL at the Dutch East Indies. After that, the case was stored for 14 years till its loading in 1938, or it was reloaded one or several times, without markings.
Was it normal, to store such cases for 14 years?
This is astonishing or surprising me.

Some of the KNIL F N 22 contract may have been of loaded cartridges, but much of it was cases and bullets. It’s even possible your round has a bullet base marked 22 FN, not that I intend to encourage you to pull the bullet. My guess is that the KNIL folks figured unloaded cases would store with less likelihood of deterioration if not charged with powder, which can break down under tropical conditions. Jack

The “storage without powder”-theory seems reasonable for me, especially in tropic regions. I never thought about this. I was only surprised, that it could be for 14 years.