6.5mm Dutch Mannlicher - ID please

Is this a Russian made round? I am guessing that 38 at 12 o’clock is Russian State Factory at Yuryusan (Tscheljabinks Region), Russia. Of course, I’m probably reading this wrong…

Regular Dutch style headstamp.

Someone should be along shortly to explain the exact meanings of it (which I should record for my 6.5x53R round) but I believe it goes something like: Metal supplier, year the case was made, year the case was loaded (quite odd tbh) and firm that loaded it.

Thanks - I figured I’d be reading it wrong!

Some information here: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9810

OK - I have picked up another one that I need some help with please:


It doesn’t match the year made/year loaded/company/case supplier/loader mentioned above and in the post in the link above it is suggested that the FN would indicate Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre in Belgium for ammunition sent to Indonesia but it is also indicated that these FN 22 cases are Royal Netherlands Indies Army (KNIL). It also acknowledges that the HS similar to mine do not “fit the pattern established for the Netherlands army in this period.”

So - I am somewhat confused and in need of some help (and a stiff drink).



Welcome to the club. Based upon what little I know no one since the 2010 Forum discussion listed above has provided any information that can answer your question. Possibly because information/records were lost or destroyed during or after WWII.


This cartridge was produced using a case manufactured by FN in 1922 for the KNIL. In 1937 that FN case was loaded (or perhaps reloaded) in Indonesia for KNIL use. The 5A indicates powder lot or, perhaps, a production lot of the facility in which this loading was undertaken in 1937. Headstamping practices of the KNIL do not, I believe, follow the exact system of the homeland army. Jack

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OK - I have another that I need help with…


Dordrect facility of Hirtenberg.
Made both loaded ammo and cases for loading by both Dutch Metropolitane Army and KNIL.
Doc AV