6.5mm Italian Riot & Guard Loads

Today I received some Italian 6.5mm Cartridges. I figured them at about $5 each. Are there any of these that are better than that?

They are numbered from left to right, 1 to 5.

  1. Old Style Guard Load-I guess-with hst L N C-29
  2. Guard load with CN bullet-hst A A C-39 and C A C-40
  3. Guard load with GM bullet-hst C A C-42
  4. Riot Load -hst T M B-31, T M B-32, T M B-39, C A B-40 and C A B-42
  5. Old Style Riot-hst B P B-18 and F C B-24.

I could have made errors on the headstamp. Some are difficult to read.

Any info is appreciated.


I usually put $3-5 on your 1-3, and possibly $7-10 on 4-5. But of course, timing and location are important factors.

Most I have seen Europe were much more expensive. Or did I never see the inexpensive ones?

Riot loads are usually found for 5-6 Euros. The later model is fairly common.

Anyway, I would call the first three cartridges “frangibles” .

#1 is the second model frangible load. The old model had a lead point, such as a modern soft point hunting bullet
#2 & 3 are frangible “Magistri” bullets that replaced the earlier frangible models around 1937
#5 should be FP B-24 insted of FC B-24

I think that the “scarcest” of the lot ( at least in Italy) is number 2, the CW bullet variation is far more common.