6.5mm Japanese Arisaka

I sorted my Japanese 6.5mm Arisaka rounds by headstamp and was surprised to learn that some were made by Kynoch in England during World War I. As to the significance of the other variations, I’m ready to learn more.

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The Kynoch cartridges were made for imperial Russia.

Your 6th photograph - the picture with four unheadstamped rounds…the three cartridges with the copper primers are almost certainly made by Royal Laboratories.

It is a little known historical fact that the British Royal Navy used Arisaka rifles purchased from Japan during WW1. This was a temporary measure as their .303 SMLE rifles were needed elsewhere. The rifles were later sent to imperial Russia.

I have also read that British made large calibre naval guns supplied to Japan were also bought back by the UK during this era.

It is often forgotten that Japan was aligned with the allied powers during WW1.