6.5mm Mannlicher Model 1894 questions

I’ve recently taken an interest into early automatic pistol cartridges, and have a couple of questions I hope can be answered. I’ve read that the Mannlicher Model 1894 blow-forward pistol was chambered in a rimmed 6.5mm cartridge, but have seen it reported as either 6.5mm or 6.55mm. Does anyone know which is the more “correct” designation? Also, does anyone have a picture or example of the 6 round charger for the Model 1894? I’ve only seen a line drawing in W.H.B. Smith’s Mannlicher Firearms, and I’d really like to know if it’s correct.

This is a detail taken from the line drawings in Kromar’s book on Mannlicher’s firearms, it is the same as that found in WHB Smith’s book which is a straight ‘knock-off’ from Kromar.

The clip itself is very similar to the drawing.


The 6.5 mm Mannlicher had several synonims:

6.50 mm Mannlicher
6.50 mm Mannlicher M 1894
6.5 mm Mannlicher M 1894

It was a rimmed cartridge with cylindrical case. Here some dimensional data:

rim diam: .353" to .362"
head diam: .306" to .307"
mouth diam: .291" to .293"
bullet diam: .265" to .267"
case lenght: .919" to .921"
OAL : 1.437" to .1438"
bullet weight: 77.93 to 78.24 grains

The same M1894 pistol was also chambered for a 7.60 mm cartridge that was a scale up version of the 6.5 mm round.

The cartridges in the drawing above are not 6.5 mm Mannlicher M94 rounds. They appear to be 7.65 mm Mannlicher rounds or other similar rounds

For what its worth, I agree entirely with Pivi about the cartridges in the drawing - they are not either the 6.50 nor the 7.60 Mannlicher cartridge. I have both of those cartridges in my collection, and they are quite different in Shape.

Hmmm … I’m always surprised when a clip included in a drawing, especially of any vintage, is anywhere near accurate. A lots of work goes into getting the weapon right but any clip … or in this case, any cartridge seems to do, on the basis that no-one will probably know the difference.

They were reckoning without 21st Century cartridge collectors !!

The original work by Kromar is titled “REPETIER- und AUTOMATISCHE HANDFEUER WAFFEN” der systeme Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher and as it’s a large format volume I have the relevant pages of drawings photocopied onto A3 pages, far too big to fit my scanner. I did check though and this clip and cartridges are definitely included on the page for the Model 1894 pistol.


In the book referenced, the cartridges pictured in the clip are clearly wrong, as the cartridges picktured loaded into the pistol are correctly drawn (for the 6.50 mm Model 1894. The cartridges in both the clip and in the magazine of the 7.60 mm Model 1896 pistol are drawn correctly in both instances. I assume that for both pistol drawings, the clips (chargers) are correct, since they are shown for both pistols with the correct number of cartridges in them.

Oddly, the book doesn’t give the caliber designation for the ammunition for either pistol. There are two versions of the M.96 pistol, one of which appears to be chambered for the 7.65 Mannlicher, (basically a different name for the 7.63 mm Mauser cartridge), and the drawing for it shows the bottle-necked cartridge in both gun and clip.

Thanks for all the information, and especially the picture of the clip! I greatly appreciate it. So from the picture it would appear that Keller & Co. made ammo for the 1894, did the cartridges have the K&C headstamp? Also, I’ve recently located a couple of rounds, and the headstamp is listed as * 96, any idea who the manufacturer is? And lastly, exactly how rare are the clips? I’m assuming they are nearly non-existant, but I am very determined to find one, and am curious as to how uphill of a battle that is.


An European dealer sold these clips for 30 euros each.

Privi, do you have any details as to the seller of those clips? I would gladly pay quite a bit more than 30 euros to get ahold of a clip.