6.5mm Norwegian blank

Two Norwegian 6.5 x 55mm rifle blanks; the round on the left is of Raufoss Arsenal manufacture and the round on the right is of unknown manufacture but utilsing an Austrian case. This second round has four vertical grooves from the shoulder. Are these to indicate that this is a reload or do they mean something else?


Both are Raufoss manufacture. In the beginning of 6,5x55 manufacturing at Raufoss, they aquired cases from several foreign companies, such as G. Roth and Polte. Blanks were usually loaded on fired cases, so any headstamp may be found on such cartridges.

Blank cases were identified with four vertical flutes until approximately 1939. After that, “normal” cases were used. So what you have is one pre 1939 and one post 1939 blank.


Thank you Morten, excellent info!