6.5mm Western


Can someone please identify this cartridge for me? I am an overt newbie but suspect that it might be a .256 Newton manufactured by the Western Cartridge Company at some point in time between 1917 and 1938, but just guessing. With any luck I have attached links and or the actual photo’s [with Ron’s help?] of the head-stamp and the cartridge body.


s1243.photobucket.com/user/GaryW … sort=3&o=1

s1243.photobucket.com/user/GaryW … sort=3&o=0

Welcome Gary
looks to be a 6.5x54 Mannlicher-Schoenaur by Western. Western made .256 Newtons had ‘.256 Newt’ as the headstamp.

Thank you, Pete; any idea of the year of manufacture? As the head-stamp indicates, there is no “date” on same.

Gary, until 1921 the only US ammunition available in 6.5x54 Mannlicher-Schönauer was USCCo manufactured and also commercial hand-loads by Sportsman’s Service Station. In 1922 Western Cartridge Co. introduced an Open-Point Expanding 140 gr loading which was later followed by a 160 gr Soft Point, which is the one you have.

Thanks for the information, Fede. I am again attaching a couple of links to what I believe you are talking about. Actually a friend of mine who knows of my interest in 6.5mm ammo, in particular the infamous 6.5mm WCC “Oswald” ammunition, is a regular visitor to gun shows etc. He picked up a small zip-lock bag marked merely “6.5mm Mannlicher Western” at a flea market in Minnesota last fall. There were six rounds in the bag, four bearing the Western head-stamp I posted earlier in this thread and as luck would have it, after seeing your answer to my initial query, the other two were as you described them and as I have attached herein; am I correct? A quick question coming from a true newbie; are these rounds considered “commercial/sportsman” or are they military loads? Please excuse my ignorance - I am a research historian and writer. Thanks.

s1243.photobucket.com/user/GaryW … sort=3&o=1

s1243.photobucket.com/user/GaryW … sort=3&o=0

The one pictured in your 2nd post is by Dominion Cartridge Co. of Canada. Seems they had trouble with the headstamp bunter’s D & the top of the “D” got filled in, so now appears something like a “U”. This is actually common of a number of case types in their product line, as with and without this ‘flaw’ was sold to the public.
United States Cartridge Co. variations are headstamped “U.S.C.Co.”

The Western “Oswald” headstamp is " WCC [over] 6.5 m/m " note the lack of a “Co.” & it would be a round nosed full metal jacketed bullet (FMJ). Also the “Oswald” is for the Italian Carcano & not for use in a Mann. Scho.

Soft nosed bullets are generally considered sporting as sometimes are FMJ. If the military use a round is generally FMJ & the headstamp would reflect the country, arsenal & such. The Mann Scho. is found in military loadings as it was adopted by the Greeks.

For a start you might want to study the link concerning headstamps found on this site.

Here is the 2 western head stamps I have for these cartridges.
6.5 MS & 256 Newton.