6.5mm x 53R Headstamp

I have a 6.5 x 53R with the following headstamp:
38B at 12 o’clock
A1 at 6 o’clock

Would this be the Russian arsenal 38 at Yuryusan?
Any ideas?

Are you sure the marking at the bottom is “A1” or could it possibly be “AI?”

It sounds to me like a Dutch cartridge from Artillerie Inrichtingen, from 1938.

I agree with John, it is a Dutch 6.5mm Mannlicher.


Artillerie Inrichtingen, Netherlands, 1938, Lot “B” production. very common round found in ammunition out of Indonesia from KNIL stocks (pre-WW II delivery).
From samples I have (38 A, B, C and D) I would suggest that the letter signifies a “quarter” of the year; All came out of Indonesian Military surplus brought into Australia direct from jakarta in the 1980s.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics

Thank you gentlemen.