6.5x20R Romanian adaptor

Is there any information available on the Romanian adaptor for the 6.5x20R cartridge?
Maybe photos or diagrams?

Adapting it to what caliber?


Joe, I can only guess but it must be 6.5mm Romanian Mannlicher.

Not too much info available, but this is what I have


Yes, this is the cartridge as such. I was looking for info on the adaptor.


Can you confirm the headstamp for the Romanian chamber insert cartridge you have pictured on your web page as (reading clockwise, beginning at the 9:00 position): M H 09 ⋆ ?



Yes that is correct. As far as I know it is also the only one

One source mentions that Pirotehnia Armatei also fabricated this adapter ammo…

An interesting fact is that in Romanian standards at the time, headstamps had at 9 o clock M standing for “model” and at 3 o`clock the last two digits of the year the weapon firing that ammo was introduced. Such is the classic example of the M 93, but this cartrige breaks that rule.

Apparently this was the initial (1893) solution for reduced firing exercises, using a bronze adapter and this 6.5x20R cartrige. In 1897, a Romanian officer proposed a new cartrige for reduced firing , which would replace this solution (adapter+special ammo) with regular 6.5x35R ammo casings and a lead bullet without a jacket. This was far more economic and it would find a use for M92 stamped casings wich were completely prohibited for use or recharging. Further on, in a 1906 manual for the Mannlicher 1893, the reduced firing cartridge is described as “a casing identical to the war ammo (read: regular ammo) with a spherical bullet”. This is a clear indication that colonel Baronescu`s proposal was admitted and production changed , but there is no logical explanation for the “M 09” model designation of this adapter.

Razvan, can it be that the M1909 just referrs to a changed design in the subcaliber cartridge which itself was in use since 1893 if I got you right?

That is plausible, if assuming that it remained in service in parralel with the new cartridge, but i think that is not the case. For me, it would make sense that when the new reduced fire cartridge was introduced , the subcaliber cartridge was drawn out of service. Otherwise, it would have been mentioned in the 1906 manual as well.
Or maybe it was re-introduced again in 1909 with the same 6.5x20R cartridge but with some modifications? Maybe a new style of adaptor?