6.5X50 I.D. Japanese or Chinese

I got this with a small lot of Finnish 7.62X54r (repack Russian and Interarms reloads with Finn headstamps). At first glance I assumed they were Chinese but being in a Finn style box I’m second guessing my self. Of course the box label is missing.

So what do I have here?

The cartridges are post-1945 Chinese, indicated by the brass jacketed bullets and the green sealant. The clips are likely recycled Japanese. Other postwar Chinese-made Arisaka ammunition will be seen with headstamps. Jack

I think that is correct. Tons of very interesting Jap caliber ammo came flooding into the US during the 1970s. Some was recycled Jap which were just repacked, some mixed components and some new Chinese make. I did not see new Chinese made cases with original Jap bullets but that may have been done. This stuff came in several calibers with numerous types of boxes and labels. You could have an extensive collection of those. I remember going through cases of this stuff at a show in Stanton Va. in the early 70s and finding a couple of dozen different boxes including original printed labels, over-labels, hand written labels. I still have this someplace if it wasn’t stolen in the burglary a couple of years ago.

Did they ever catch that person or person’s?

No. I did recover between 50 and 100 pieces at local auctions,gun shows and flea markets. A friend bought them for me.

The police do not have the time to investgate such stuff in any depth.