6.5x50 Jap


I know nothing of Japanese ammo (and I am NOT proud of that). I could not pass “3 for a dollar” note, so I got them. There was no box. What are they? Somehow I think it is a post-war make.


This is post war Chinese made. I don’t have any more info but I’m sure someone can tell you more about it.


People’s Republic of China, November 1950.


Made by the Mukden Arsenal in Manchuria. After WWII it became the 90th Arsenal. The communist forces captured the Arsenal in 1948 and the symbol was changed from a circle with a line and two small circles to a circle with a stick star on the headstamp illustrated above. Mukden produced 6.5mm Jap cartridges from at least the mid-1920s. Nationalist production after the war has been noted on 7.7mm Japanese (for captured weapons), 7.9x57mm Mauser and .45 ACP. During this period, the 90th Arsenal was manufacturing copies of the US M3 Submachine Gun in .45 ACP caliber. Communist production has only been reported on 7.9x57mm Mauser and 6.5mm Japanese cartridges.