6.5x50SR "K17 II"

Any idea what “II” means?

I believe it only stands for “Mark 2”.

Information from “BRITISH SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION 1864-1938” by Peter Labbett.
ISBN 0-9520567-0-4


Made primarily for the Arisakas ) T30 and T38) transferred to the Russian Army; some ammo was also Issued for training in the Royal Navy, and a quantity sent to Egypt ( along with Rifles) for TE Lawrence’s
Arab force in Palestine etc.
Note…Kynoch copied the original T30 (1897 ) cartridge
And not the more modern and correct Spitzer cartridge for the T38 rifle( 1905 ).
Doc AV.

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The .256" MkI (6.5 Arisaka) in British service was the type 38 cartridge and had the ‘spitzer’ bullet,these rounds were ‘put together’ from Japanese components by Kings Norton and can be identified by the two distinctive ‘stab crimps’ on the case neck.
The .256" MkII was a production order for Russia for the type 30 rifle so therefore it had the ‘correct’ round nosed bullet.


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