6.5x52 carcano with brown lacquered case


i find a 6.5x52 carcano with brown lacquered case
this round is in very good shape but i cannot read the headstamp
i think that the round has been made by SMI or BPD in the WW2
the color of the lacquer is normal ? because i never see this color ,only black finish on WW2 italian rounds
thank in advance for your response
ps:i cannot made good picture because i haven’t got sophisticated camera


It must be a lacquered steel case.



yes it 's steel case


In my experience the color of lacquered steel cases varies a good bit from specimen to specimen. The German small arms caliber cases of the second war run a range from fairly light gray to a dark brown, with a gray-green predominating. The few Italian cases I have in 6.5 m/m seem to often be brown, though the 8 m/m MG cases do seem to be darker. Jack