6,5x52 Carcano

Hello. I am from the Czech Republic and I am new to the forum.
I collect all the cartridges up to 20 mm
I’m a beginner, and I’m having trouble identifying some cartridges.
Please, what is the type of bullet?
Thank you
Sorry for my english

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Welcome to this Forum, Luger. Please can you give or even better, show a picture of the headstamp?

Luger, welcome here.

Is the jacket magnetic?
And is the jacket blackened or missing it’s nickel cover?

SMI: Società Metallurgica Italiana, Campo Tizzoro, Italy. And 915: I would think september 1915 and so cupro-nickel jacket. But yes, the nickel seems to be gone?

A nice series on the 6.5mm Carcano cartridge & related items can be found here: http://www.munizioni.eu/italiane2/16-italiane/6-5-x-52-mannnlicher-carcano/44-6-5-x-52-mannnlicher-carcanobase.html

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Jacket is not magnetic. The black coating overlaps the light surface of the casing. She can scratch. Corrosion or varnish?


I would say the cartridge has a tarnished surface (poškozený povrch).


You can also have a look here:

I have the same one in GMCS, but I have not been able to find any explanation why the bullets were stained black.



Thanks for the link to another addition to your fantastic cartridge website!


Thanks for the link to the website - Excellent.
My cartridge is displayed there - for now the meaning of blackening is unknown.

You might get some help here, homepage in spanish/portuguese, but not that hard to use: http://www.municion.org/ lokk under CF - 6-7mm

Thank you. I know this web page but my cartridge is not there