6.5x52mm Carcano "B.P + B-14" charger

This 1914 charger made me think of WWI history.
If I remember correctly, Italy entered WWI with a great hesitancy in whose side, if any, they needed to take. So they probably did not prepare ahead by stock-piling military hardware? So, probably, Italian “things” before 1915 are not as numerous as later war years? And, probably, I am completely wrong.


Italian military history before 1914 wasn’t quite as boring as their hesitancy to partake in the 1914-18 war might suggest. They invaded Libya in 1911 in an attempt to get on the Empire creating bandwagon, the country was part of the Ottoman Empire at the time but they were distracted by various wars in the Balkans so the Italians grabbed the opportunity although it turned out to be a costly move. At the same time they occupied the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea just of the coast of Turkey … and there had been an earlier military conflict between Italy and Ethiopia in 1895-96, when the Italians, encouraged by the British occupied Eritrea … better the Italians than the French controlling access to one end of the Suez Canal … diplomatically and by extension militarily it was an interesting time.

Pre 1914 Carcano chargers are hard to find although I found lots on a walking holiday in the Julian Alps between Italy and Slovenia, most were crushed as they’d been dropped to the floor of stony trenches but the climate had left plenty in surprisingly good condition.