6.5x52mm MITRAGLIATRICE FIAT Mod. 1924. with 20 Round Stripper clip

Brochure on the FIAT M1924 machine gun, interesting to note the early use of the 20 round “U” shaped stripper clip.

PDF here: https://yadi.sk/i/Xtk6Pva23Tbzqj

Remarkable, thank you.

Here’s a picture from Chinn’s “Machine Guns”, it’s on page 417 of Volume 1 and it shows a different type of 20 round charger, the handle looks like its made from wood.

My apologies for the poor quality of the scan, it was made at a time when computer storage was much less capacious than now.


Like the earlier Vetterli- Vitale BP 10.4×47R 4-rd. Charger, this 20
Charger follows the same construction principles…two channels pinned to a wood handle.
This was soon converted by 1930 to a more robust, all brass model, with the pressed handle soldered to the Two cartridge channels.
There is some indications (anecdotal) that a Swiss style charger with pressed waxed fibre and tinplate was also tried, during WWII…no photos or official documents have surfaced.
Doc AV

Astrid, I remember there were also such steel chargers, not only brass.

Comparing the 2 clips side by side. On the left is the clip Peter posted from Chinn’s book and on the right is the clip from the Fiat M1924 brochure:


The differences in the construction of the clips is obvious, wood (?) handle on the left and all metal (brass?) on the right.



Has anybody made a reproduction of these stripper clips?

This one is for the Breda Mod. 30.

I have been thinking about…I have a couple of Brass ones, and can get original development designs
through my Italian Connections.
Stamping dies are out of the question,(Cost), but water-cut or fine laser could be economical ( as it already is with my Tinplate Vitale chargers).
Folding dies I can make myself
(C/f Vitale) and simple lead-tin soft solder is no problem.
But besides “collectors”, who would actually “use” them…the number of NFA registered Breda 30s and 38 (7.35) are very low…
Maybe the Libyan warring factions can buy them for their charger-less
M30 guns still in stock there…like the M91Cav. Carbines!!!
And get PPU to supply fresh 6.5x52 ammo…

Doc AV
Mf of Berthier 3 rd, Carcano 6 rd,
Gew88 5 rd, Hotchkiss export 30 rd, 50 rd articulated, and ALH
9 and 14 rd strips (.303)
Turkey had a 15 rd 7.9 M1922 strip, besides the 30rd. in 7.9mm
All our strips work in T3/T92 Nambu as well !!! ( The Great Raid, & Singapore 1942- End of Empire )

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Fede, thanks a lot for the corrfect ID!
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