6.5x53.5mm Mannlicher-Schönauer "FN 50"

It measures 6.5x53.5mm. Would this be a Mannlicher-Schönauer? Isn’t 1950 kind of late to newly manufacture this non hunting ammo?


Someone (thanks) has sent this link to me http://www.cartridgecollector.net/65-x-54-mannlicher-schönauer which answers nicely my question about 1950 date. Thanks again.

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Vlad, strange as it seems, FN included this caliber in military catalogs until the 1970’s. It is quite common in the USA because it was imported by Interarmco/Interams and you can find it in original FN boxes (English language) or repacked as ball and soft point, the latter being not an original FN load.



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Were there still any military users of this calibre by the 1970s?