6.5x53.5mmR Mannlicher "FN 21" and "FN 22" reloads by K.N.I.L

These headstamps look like a 2 stage process, first “FN 21” and “FN 22” are stamped, then “1 28” and “1 38”. Are the second stamps indicative of reloads? Or it is a 2 stage bunter? All are totally non magnetic.

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These are reloaded cases with additional headstamp markings added at the time of reloading.


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Thanks. So these are Belgian rounds made in 1921 and 1922 and reloaded in 1928 amd 1938 in Java? Kind of a long wait from 1922 to 1938.


If I have FN cartridges in 6.5x53.3Rmm or 6.5x53.5mmR for example:
12:00 is 22 , 3:00 is 3A, 6:00 is FN and 9:00 is 37 that it was originally loaded in 1922 by FN and reloaded in 1937 by K.N.I.L. even if it has a steel jacketed bullet and brass cases ???
If so thanks for enlightening me. I have 6 similar head stamps, and was wondering
why the odd headstamps.with some headstamps with over laps.
Again thanks

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In 1921, the Netherlands ordered a large quantity of 6,5x53.5R M95, from FN. The order consisted of both loaded ammunition, and a similar quantity of Empty, Unprimed Shells, which could be loaded in Holland or the East Indies at a later date.
The double dating is either the original Filling date, or in the cases of the KNlL, the reload date.
Doc AV.

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DocAv, Thank you for the information the cartridges I have do not look reloaded and have the small primer, 22 FN head stamp and then 2 and 37 for the lot and year 1037. I am assuming again the 2 is the lot? some have 2A or 3A or 4A ?