6.5x53.5R Dutch & Romanian Headstamp ID



I have the following headstamp I cannot identify, but I think it is Romanian.

I have tentatively identified the cartridge as a 6.5x53.5R Dutch & Romanian wood bullet blank.

Can anyone provide any information about the headstamp?

Thank you very much.


P.S. Photo of cartridge added on 7-26-07


Hi heavyiron,

My guess is that you have a 6.5mm Mannlicher from the Dutch Indies
The headstamp is 22 S 2A 31 (what means, the case was produced in 1922 with brass from Selve & Co (Swiss). Later the case was marked at 3 and 9 o’clock (2A 31)in the indies)

The other markings are;

  • = reloaded as a guard (Marga) the upper 1/3 part should be chromed
    O = reloaded as a ball nr1
    ^ (triangle) = unknown but there are indications it has to deal with a change in the powder lot

this was just a guess!

a few questions,
is this case partly chromed?
what colour has the wooden bullet?

an image of the whole cartridge would help…

hope this helps,



Thank you Sir_Joost,

Your information is of great help.

I agree this is a 6.5Rmm Mannlicher.

There is no chrome on this cartridge whatsoever. I do have several other ball cartridges in 6.5Rmm Mannlicher and they are either completely chrome or nickel plated.

The wood bullet is the color of natural wood and is shorter in length compared to ball ammunition. The overall length of the cartridge is 2.7 inches (69mm).

It is too late right now, but I will post a photo tomorrow night.

Your information about this cartridge is very interesting. I would never have known its origin. My best guess was 22 was for arsenal #22 in Romania. I never anticipated it was from the Dutch Indies. In fact, I wasn’t sure where the 12 o’clock location on the headstamp was located. Some of the characters on the headstamp appear as though they were applied at different times by different methods. Perhaps this case could have been used and reloaded multiple times?

Thank you again for your help.



Hi heavyiron,

I think you have a blank nr1 with unpainted bullet. the ttl of these cartridges varies, and it should look somewhat like this;

ifso, it comes out a box like this one (image from www.ammopix.com)

the guard cartridge used in the Dutch Indies (ball nr 4) is completely chromed, the guard cartridge for the Dutch Army only for the upper 1/3 part…

It was a common use to re-use cases (multiple times) in the Netherlands and the Dutch Indies.

You are right about the different times of applying the markings at the cartridge head.


  • @ heavyiron: Romanian State ammo plant “22” never manufactured 6.5X53R cartridges. Romania and Holland used the 6.5X53R ammo starting with 1890s until 1945. Liviu 07/26/07


Here is a photo of the entire cartridge to go with the headstamp.

Liviu - thanks for the information.


  • @ Heavyiron: Actually I could not help you with anything. — There are the Romanian headstamps for the 6.5X53R cartridge which have some question marks and nobody seems to know the answers. Liviu 07/27/07