6.5×53.6R Denis-Armes SFM

Does anyone have the SFM drawing 8041,8043,8045 and 8045Bis of the 6.5×53.6R Denis-Armes cartridge?
Thank you very much!!!


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Once we are on it; I always wondered what the purpose of this was.
It obviously is a necked down 7.62x54R.
Was this a commercial/civilian endeavor?

St.Denis is where the Doviitis conversions of M71 Mausers were done to No.12, 6,5x53.5 Daudeteau. ( semi-rimmed Russian case).
Could this be an earlier “number”
In the Daudeteau series?
Great designs…make a good wildcat today for A Mosin Nagant action.
Doc AV

This is great!Very appreciate for it.