6.5x53R Dutch Mannlicher


I have a 6.5x53R Dutch Mannlicher headstamped:


Am I correct in that Dordrecht is the manufacturer, “35” at 12 O’clock is the case manufacturing year, “35” at 3 O’clock is the Year the case was filled, and “90” is the case lot number?


Hi Falcon,

“90” is not the case lot but the powder number.
“35” at 12 and 3 O’clock you’re right.
“D” is the brass code , I have no information that could be Dordrecht.


Cheers Western, I thought the D was a manufacturing code for Dordrecht, rather than simply an indication of case metal supplier. Weren’t most of these made by Dordrecht?


The production was at Hembrug Artillerie-Inrichtingen.

Brass suppliers :Begium,Brittan,Germany,Switserland and USA


Thanks, are the brass supplier codes still unknown?


I don’t know. Ask SirJoost he’s an expert on these cartridges.


Brass suppliers

-Out of the book The Dutch Mannlicher M95 and the Cartridge

-Carl Berg;Werdhol;Westfalen;Germany
-Schweizerische Metallwerke Selve&Co;Thun;Zwitserland
-Basse&Selve Messingwerke ;Altona;Germany
-Kupfer und Messingwerke A.G;Hirsch;Berlin;Germany
-Mansfeldscher Metallhandel A.G;Berlin;Germany
-Kynoch Ltd;Birmingham;Engeland
-Svenska Metallverken;Stockholm;Zweden
-Bridgeport Brass Company;Bridgeport;U.S.A.
-Gorham Manufacturing Company;New York;U.S.A.
-The Waclark Wire Company;Elizabeth;U.S.A.
-Metal Productions;U.S.A.
-Seymour Manufacturing Company;Seymour;U.S.A.
-National Conduit & Cable Company;U.S.A.
-Fabrique national des Armes de Guerre;Herstal;Belgie


So is there no key to the letters for the brass supplier? I would like to know which one of those companies “D” is the code for.


We are waiting for him to finish his web site section about that caliber.


Gyrojet already showed you the known brass suppliers, and these are the known lettercodes;

S = Schweizerische Metallwerke Selve & Co
FN = Fabrique nationale
Gr = G. Roth (logo)
B = Carl berg hagen Werdohl Germany
BS = Basse & Selve Messingwerke Altona Germany
X = Gorham manufacturing company New York. USA
22D AI = Kupfer und Messingwerke A.G Hirsch, Berlin Germany

A lot more letter codes were used but are unknown.

There are 7.9x57R (Dutch) known produced at Dordrecht with a D at 12 o’clock. The D (and Do) at 6 o’ clock on a 6.5mm Mannlicher could also refer to Dordrecht but till now there are no documents found to proof it.