6,5x53R romanian mannlicher

Again…I didn’t see/found this kind/type of “cartridge” until now…

ID / any special about…?

Thank you.

The case bears the mark of George Roth and my guess is that it is a 6.5x53R Dutch Manlicher case. Measurements would be extremely helpful unless it can be positively identified by the headstamp alone.

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Thank you .

It could be a cartridge case “from” a Manlicher rifle because in WW2 Romanian Army used in some units old (WW1) rifles, like Manlicher, Lebel, Berthier…but…
another weapon that could have fired this cartridge… ?

Note the 2 “slits” of the “neck” (they don’t look like…damage !)…!?!

Yes, I could get some measurements … if the headstamp is not so useful …!

This is a Romanian Mannlicher 6.5 m/m M93 cartridge case, made by the firm of G Roth in 1894. The damage seen at the case mouth is the result of age and corrosion. Often embrittled copper alloys will break along very straight lines such as this that suggest a deliberate alteration. Since the case is identified as M93 and has a manufacture date of 1894 it cannot be for the Netherlands Mannlicher M95. Jack

Thank you .

The two “slits” were so…symmetrical and don’t look at all like some…“cracks” because of the corrosion or mechanical damage. That’s the reason I thought the two “slits” ‘come from’ production…

Anyway…it’s the 1st cartrige (case), from a Mannlicher rifle, that I found/see (at least until now…)…!

Is there any particular reason why the rim of this casing is so, in lack of better terms, fat? It looks incredibly bulky compared to the rest of the case (and all 6,5x53R ctrgs I have).

I think the apparent thickness of this rim is largely an optical illusion (of a sort) in that the radius of the rim is small so that the parallel or near parallel side of the rim seems unusually thick. There were some 45-70 cartridges made by the United States Ctg Co that are often called “thick rim” but I think the fact the rim is nearly square creates an impression the rim is also quite thick. Jack

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Here is a useful thread on the rim thickness of the two 6.5x53R variations which has been discussed lately: