please, tell me what this round is? case length is 64.5mm, bullet diameter is 6.5mm, bullet is round nose FMJ




I think this is a 6.5x55 mauser made in Norway by Raufoss Patronfabrikker.



I think Jack is right on with his answer. The headstamp would indicate that. It was used in Krags, I believe, rather than Mausers, but it should be the 6.5 x 55 Mauser cartridge regardless.

John Moss


Common mistake made by many cartridge collectors…the European metric system of designating cartridges, despite seemingly “Exact” is also a “Nominal” system, using “significant digits”, and ignoring decimal fractions when describing case length.

Thus cartridge cases which may be actually measured say “53,5” mm are described variously as “53” or “54”, depending on the cartridge ( 6,5x53R Dutch/Romanian, and the 6,5x54 M-S Greek. This takes into account factory OAL Tolerances as well…a Millimetre each way has no effect on the efficiency of a cartridge, and machine settings can vary that much in Cartridge Trimming process.

There was even a long, involved discussion last year as to whether some Romanian 7,9mm ammo should be called “7,9x56” rather than “7,9x57” because some ammo lots were made with a case closer to 56mm OAL rather than the standard 57mm (+/-) dimension.

The same matter appears with 8mm Lebel cases…are they “8x50R” or “8x51R”???

This also attracts problems with cases which are Nominally the same, and fitting the same chambers, are Actually different…Austrian, 8x50R M93, and the 8x53R M88/90. (both for all the Austrian Mannlichers).

Measuring a cartridge without reading the headstamp and the general shape etc of the cartridge can lead one astray.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Since the cartridge under discussion was a Norwegian-Swedish co-design it is as much a Krag as a Mauser. The basic case form has unique head and rim dimensions that it shares with none of the true Mauser family. Jack