6,5x54 Mauser (not Mannlicher-Schönauer) very late RWS make 1945

as you like dated boxes, here i found a very late RWS box (of the normalized type) but from 20.7.1945.As at this time RWS was already captured, it must be a production for US-Troops hunters, because soon after the whole factory was closed, the machines where dismantled, and other civilian companies where located on the ground of RWS.
Paket front and back, and hs of the ammo

for comparision: the much earlier headstamp after the N was assigned in an Agreement with the other manufacturers

and for the other Readers: This are MAUSER-Tyoe ammo and not the M-Schönauer ones with the shorter and different necks…


AND body diameter .468" vs .450" MS.

Doc AV.

Peter - I don’t know how I missed it at the time you posted this - much appreciated !

Interesting how the date is displayed normally rather than using the usual RWS box date code - maybe similar to how it appears that DWM stopped using HS date codes during WW2.

Thank you for the great post. I’m not sure how I miss this when it was first posted.
I have a rifle in this caliber so I have a special interest in it.
Could you possibly measure the bullets for me? I have never seen a RWS loading.
I have seen the bullet size listed from .256 to .264 with many saying .261 is correct.
I have 2 DWM loadings both different. K DWM K 457A = .256 and LDWML 6.5x54 mauser = .259 The bore in my gun slugs .260 so that is what I size bullets to and it works very well when used with reformed cases.

I cannot do that now, as i am for about 2 months away from Germany…
If you are patient, please remind my after that time by mail


Thank You Peter
I have made a note.