6.5x54R Dutch Mannlicher bullet


This bullet came from a 6.5x54R Dutch Mannlicher round stamped:


The bullet is Lead cored and GM Jacketed. Not at all magnetic. It also has a “step” about 0.25" from the base where the boat-tail begins. It is also very sharp compared to other similar bullets. It has no cannelure or grease groove of any kind. Is this bullet correct for this headstamp?

Also, what do the numbers in this stamp mean? There was a thread about this on the old forum, but no-one ever seemed to get to the bottom of it.


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Thanks. Which factory in Holland was it most likely to be made at in 1934? what does a Dutch 6.5mm bullet look like?


First, it would be a round nose bullet.


Most of them were made by;

Artillerie Inrichtingen - Hembrug.

And they look like;



Thanks for the photo. I suppose my bullet could be a 6.5mm Swedish bullet.


or Finnish


The Bullet shown is a commercial bullet Most probably made using Corbin Bullet forming dies and a Corbin press. The rebated Boat tail is typical of Corbin design specifications.

The Dutch, to my knowledge, never used a Spire Point bullet in any of their M95 ammo.

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Thanks, this now looks like a case of “this fits, i’ll put it in there” regularly seen with fired cases, especially as the bullet is loose. However, I have a Federal 6.5x55 Sewede case that this bullet would be good with, as I know someone who could possibly refit it using the proper dies.