6,5x54R Dutch Mannlicher made by FN


If my identification is correct, this is a Scherpe patroon Nr.4 (short range cartridge) made by Dutch East Indies Pyrotechnical workshop for Colonial army.

As I understand, the headstamp is
FN - case brass supplier, and case was made by Artillerie-Inrichtingen
1 - Powder lot number
21 - Case production year
28 - Cartridge production year

Digits 1 and 28 was headstamped on this case later, after loading the cartridge at workshop

Please, correct me, if I make a mess. I am really not sure in my identification


Treshkin: I believe your explanation of the headstamp is correct except that FN designates the actual manufacturer of the cartridge case. Jack


Thank you, Jack!

Sorry, could you confirm that case manufacturer was FN, instead of AI? I am really need this info, and I don’t want to doubt you. I hope you understand me


Treshkin: I can’t offer you written proof on that point. I will point out a couple of things that enter into my identification: one, most of the cartridges having the FN 21 or FN 22 headstamp are loaded with bullets having the basemark FN 22 (and, I assume, FN 21 tho I’ve never seen that marking). I think the bullet basemark is clearly a maker’s ID, so, by extension, I think the FN headstamp also identifies the maker. Also, there are known 9 m/m Luger cartridges headstamped 22 over K. It is my understanding these were produced by Kynoch for either the Dutch navy or for the KNIL. If these 9 m/m rounds were produced on Dutch or East Indies contracts they would tend to support the idea the 6.5 m/m cartridges have been headstamped in a similar manner. The older Dutch 6.5 m/m (pre 1920, I guess) usually have a headstamp consisting of two digits of the date at 12 o’clock and one or two letters at 6 o’clock. The letters represent a code for, as I understand it, the metal supplier. Jack


Thank you very much for this info!


Dear Treshkin,
I have Boxed &Clipped quantities of FN22/ Reload date 6,5 Dutch Ball ammo, which came from Indonesia; There is FN 22 Plain HS, and also FN22 with reload dates (done In Bandoeng or Netherlands).

The Clips came in a mixture of date clips, some FN and some AI, with various dates. All packed in the steel-corner-strip “wood print” Cardboard cartons of 50 rounds (10 clips) and 500 packed in a tinplate “Biscuit tin” with tar-based black paint, with a white stencilled Dutch Label on one side, and a similar stencil in Japanese on the otherside. The Packets came from an open tin…I have a sealed tin also.

Whether FN supplied also empty cases and projectiles for loading by AI, I don’t know, but they obviously supplied Loaded Ammo.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


TRhanks all for comments!