6.5x55 SE questions


I am currently busy with the 6.5x55SE project, but I have a few queries:

Is this a gallery load, or not?

Is this a spotter for something?

Bullet is normal GMCS, what is the meaning of the base colours?

Are these HP versions also spotters or gallery. On the HP * 6,5x55 * version is written “for Carl Gustav” but nothing else.



6,5x55 has been used frequently in Carl Gustav 84mm recoilless rifles as spotter/subcal loads for special subcal devices inserted like a regular grenade. These look like they’re such a type of loads.


Bundeswehr used a training cartridge (DM19A1) looking like the first example, but without (!) color marking of the bullet.
Bullet 0.4 g, 535 m/s; fired at 10 m on gallery ranges.

DM29A1, having a tracer bullet with the standard red (strawberry-red) tip, otherwise looked like the 2nd example.
Bullet 7.1 g, 390 m/s; fired at 100 m on rifle ranges (tracer would have been good for 500 m).

84 mm Carl Gusav was “schwere Panzerfaust” or “Panzerabwehrbüchse 84 mm”. It is still in use, but only for firing illumination rounds and now called “Leuchtbüchse”.


I believe the short bullets, both on the DAG and HP cartridges, are for indoor training with the Carl Gustav.
I have only seen red tip (tracer) on the “normal” bulleted DAG cartridge and never heard of any spotter type. These are for training, not for sighting of the weapon, like the M48A1.
A black head on Swedish 6,5’s will normally indicate a pressure test cartridge. The red and green are unknown to me.